Stremble expertise area: bioinformatics

Bioinformatics &
Computational Biology

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Modern biology techniques such as next generation sequencing (NGS) produce huge volumes of data which needs to be analysed and stored. Bioinformatics is the combination of biology, computer science and mathematics that powers cutting edge genetic research.

Stremble has a long track record in delivering novel bioinformatic solutions for:

• Genomics
• Transcriptomics
• Epigenomics
• Metagenomics

Current projects

Stremble has contributed to the Cyprus Genome Project – a study on genome-wide genetic variation in the Cypriot population. The Cyprus Genome Project database is an open-access, web-based resource to allow researchers to utilise the information in future clinical research.

Stremble has received an ERC Proof-of-Concept grant in collaboration with University of Milan for the development of predictive tools for multiple myeloma using mutational signature analysis.

Stremble expertise area: biometric devices in health research

Wearable Devices
in Medical Research

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Wearables and smart sensors have become increasingly popular in clinical research as a way to improve patient data collection and to remotely collect real-time data over long periods of time. By combining data on activity, sleep and health indicators, researchers are able to accurately evaluate patients’ quality of life and responses to the treatment being trialled.

Stremble has been at the forefront of the deployment of wearables in clinical settings and is involved in several clinical trails and research projects utilising wearables for data collection.

Stremble operates a dedicated, secure clinical data server for storing patient data with full adherance to GDPR requirements. We operate in close cooperation with Garmin Health Ltd for developing clinical applications for their range of smart sensors and wearables.

Current projects

Prebiom is a project combining long-term wearables data collection with other health parameters from cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy.

Stremble expertise area: omics laboratory

Molecular Laboratory

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Multi-omics approaches combine data from different fields of biology (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics and metagenomics) to answer difficult research questions, in particular, for complex diseases. Stremble can perform complete sample-to-result processing of samples in any of the omics (genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, etc.).

Stremble has a strong track record in multi-omics analytics in clinical research and the design and implementation of novel analytical techniques to reveal associations at the molecular level. We collaborate with a number of high-tech laboratories to generate data across a number of modalities and specialisations.

Current projects

Stremble is the leader of the multi-omics work package in the Horizon project Cardiocare.

An example of our multi-omics approach is the Molecular Colonoscopy project within the Cyprus Intestinal Health Study which studied the combination of metagenomics and metabolomics data for developing predictive models for colon cancer.

Stremble expertise area: clinical trials

Clinical Trials & Studies

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Stremble has contributed design, protocol and analytical services to more than 12 industry- and research-orientated clinical trials. We can provide technical support at all stages of clinical trial design and implementation.

  • Clinical study designs for maximizing statistical power in the downstream analysis of data
  • Development and harmonization of clinical protocols and sampling regimes across multiple sites
  • Ethical approvals
Current projects

Stremble is the scientific manager of the Horizon project Comfortage where we will coordinate 13 pilot and clinical trials for the study of dementia and frailty.

Stremble expertise area: workplace psychology

Experimental Design

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The neuroscience team at Stremble carries out leading edge research in several core areas of psychiatry, neuroscience, clinical psychology and behavioural and social psychology. The team’s commitment to interdisciplinary pursuits are reflected in exciting new research with a variety of partners from other disciplines, including the biological sciences, advanced analytics, statistics, educational psychology, and coaching.

The team has four primary lines of research:

  • Well-being at the workplace
  • Psychiatric and neurological disorders clinical and multi-omics research
  • Work-related stress
Current projects

Stremble is part of the Comfortage consortium, and EU-funded project studying personalised prevention and treatment of dementia and frailty

Stremble expertise area: data analytics

Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence & Statistics

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Stremble has applied its knowledge and experience in data analytics to develop a custom analytics platform (STRAA) which allow the investigation and analysis of large, complex and multivariate datasets. This platform has been used extensively in the data processing of several research programmes and has been used to publish the results in several distinguished journals.

The STRAA platform can be applied to:

  • Molecular level mechanistic modelling and network analysis
  • Distributed deterministic and stochastic numerical simulations
  • Personalized modelling platform by integrating multi-omics data
  • Multi-scale modelling for capturing macro and subcellular effects
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Drug target identification and drug re-purposing studies
  • Big data
Current projects

Stremble is carrying out all the data analytics for wearable devices in the Prebiom project.

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