Sharing some of our activities highlights.

Stremble turns 12!

Stremble is officially a teenager. Back in 2012 Stremble was registered as a company and opened for business. We would like to thank the many current, and past Stremblonians who made this dream possible, and our many customers and consortium partners who have entrusted us with their experimental designs, sequencing and analytics.

ComfortAGE Kick off

The project aims to provide personalized prevention intervention strategies against dementia and frailty. Proud to support the coordination team as the scientific manager of this 20m euro project.


In February, Dr Athos Antoniades gave a lecture to the Medical School of the University of Cyprus regarding the state of molecular research in Cyprus and its impact on clinical practice.

Award for Cyprus Genome project

Looking back at 2022, it was one Stremble’s best, and it peaked when through our collaboration with Karaiskakio foundation the project was awarded as the top social innovation at the Cyprus Innovation Awards. Many thanks to the team of Karaiskakio, we look forward to continuing our excellent work together.

Immunological interactions associated with COVID-19 infections

Stremble has collaborated with a consortium including Mayo Clinic, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Vardhman Mahivir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi and the University of New Mexico to develop a prognostic software for patient outcomes based on common blood tests. For more information:

Scientific leadership in international projects and opportunities to collaborate with a Cyprus-based Biotech company

The βιος-society of Biological Sciences invited Dr Athos Antoniades at the University of Cyprus to deliver a speech and showcase Stremble’s involvement in funded projects. We presented a selection of our publicaly funded projects including Cardiocare, Comfortage|Horizon EU Project, Myeloma-risk, the Cyprus Intestinal study, and CyprusGenome.

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