At Stremble we pride ourselves on providing a supportive and vibrant workplace which offers a range of benefits to our employees, including encouraging career development. We strongly support personal growth and sponsor our team members in further education courses and activities.

Working hours

Flexible hours

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home opportunities
Personal growth

Personal growth

  • Support for professional development and training
  • Sponsorships for new course studies
Friendly envinroment

Friendly environment

  • Regular employee excursions & team building events
  • Weekly workplace gym session

Currently available careers positions

We are always on the lookout for new talent, so even if the position you are searching for is not listed below, feel free to contact us and introduce yourself.

You may also be interested in our GEP policy below.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

Stremble’s principle is to have a fair, safe and pleasant environment for its employees. Stremble offers its employees equal professional and personal development opportunities, equal pay and flexible working arrangements, parental leave policies and support for caring responsibilities, team building activities and balanced representation of women and men in decision-making positions.

Stremble is strongly committed to gender equality, rights, freedoms, nationality, sexual orientation, language, religion, opinion, disability and other characteristics. Stremble regularly monitors the working environment and takes action where necessary. As a company, we are committed to eliminating unlawful direct and indirect opportunities for discrimination; preventing all forms of harassment and ensuring that all employees are treated equally.

Strembles departments all share responsibility for developing and promoting gender equality. The GEP is based on interviews and discussions with the company’s directors and employees. The company’s annual action plans set out specific strategies for achieving the targets set and the staff responsible for achieving them. The achievement of the set goals is addressed in the annual reports.

In order to achieve these objectives, Stremble has listed the objectives and underlying principles of the Equality Plan and the actions proposed and adopted to achieve them.

28 January 2024

Senior Scientist

4 June 2024

Junior Scientist

28 January 2024

Junior Bioinformatician

11 January 2024

Senior Bioinformatician

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